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We are currently looking for models (18 yrs +)nationwide. 

Please submit 4 photos to candace@cmmodeling.co

These photos do not need to be professional photos, but if you have them, we will accept them. We prefer to see photos that showcase the "real you" with simple make-up and hair in good, natural light of your face and full-body. You may have a family member or a friend take the photos and colored photos are preferred. Please DO NOT send photos that are filtered or altered from Snapchat, Instagram or FaceTune, you will not be considered.

With the high volume of submissions that we receive, you will not receive a reply from us. If our team is interested in you, we will get in contact with you. Don't lose hope if you are not selected, we are limited by what looks work for our market. Your look or image may not work for us at this particular time, but we encourage you to resubmit your photos in 6 months. 

Please complete the form below and send your photos in a seperate email. You will NOT be considered without photos.


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1. How knowledgeable are you with handling horses? 2. What is your experience or comfortability in the following: -Handling or driving a four-wheeler or ATV? -Handling or driving a full-size truck and trailer? -Handling or driving farm equipment/tractors? 3. Do you possess any other talents and or skills that you'd like us to know about? 4. Have you ever worked with western brands in the past? 5. With C.M. being a faith-based company, how comfortable are you praying before a photo shoot or at community events? (C.M. will never pressure you or push our beliefs on you in any way.) 5. What is your past modeling experience? Do you have any current or past relationships with brands or boutiques? (Please list) 6. What is a “hard no” in a job based on your religion, ancestry, background or beliefs (i.e. wearing a tribal headdress is out of the question. 7. Please list your social media handles or pages. (This helps us tag you in photos.)