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Virginia Robertson

Hair: Dirty blonde/light brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’11”

Waist: 29”

Bust: 36”

Hips: 38”

Shoes: 10.5

Bondurant, WY

Virginia lives in a ranching community in rural Wyoming with her husband, horses and dogs. She enjoys the peaceful solitude and hard work that goes into living in a harsh, yet majestic place. In summer, she does ranch work with her husband and then cooks for a backcountry hunting camp and packs horses in the fall. In her spare time, she loves working cattle with the folks in her community. You may also find her mountain biking on old forest services roads and cow trails. When the weather turns bitter, she is either backcountry skiing in the mountains behind her house, practicing yoga, harmonica and health counseling; or she and her husband are on the road in pursuit of warmer temperatures, hole-in-the-wall antique stores, friendly wave breaks and the best plate of huevos rancheros.